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Never Just Save the FewUtilitas (2022), 34, pp. 275-288. 

In Progress:

Please email me if you are interested in reading any of my drafts. I would be grateful for any comments.

A paper on maximising expected choiceworthiness which argues that the all-things-considered version of MEC faces a new challenge

A paper in support of saving the greater number without appealing to aggregation 

A paper on the ethics of charitable giving and saving for our future


My MPhil thesis, on the demands of beneficence, is available here

Selected Presentations

Selected Presentations

"Should I Give or Save?"

Annual Conference, British Society for Ethical Theory, University of Reading (July 2023)

12th Workshop on Global Priorities Research, Global Priorities Institute, University of Oxford (June 2023)

Open Minds Graduate Workshop, University of Manchester (June 2023)

5th CEPPA Graduate Conference, University of St Andrews (May 2023)

The Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, University of Oxford (March 2023)

Paper on saving the many - title redacted

Understanding Value XI Conference, University of Sheffield (March 2023)

Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress XV, University of Colorado, Boulder (August 2022)

ECCP Workshop, Global Priorities Institute, University of Oxford (July 2022)

Paper on MEC - title redacted

Uncertain Oughts Workshop, University of Helsinki (December 2022)

UCL-Leipzig Graduate Workshop (November 2021)

Open Minds Graduate Workshop, University of Manchester (October 2021)

"Never Just Save the Few"

Understanding Value X Conference, University of Sheffield (July 2021)

London Philosophy Graduate Conference (December 2020)



As primary instructor:

Advanced Tutorials: Moral Aggregation | 3rd-year undergraduate course

Philosophical Study Skills: The Numbers Problem and Practical Upshots | 1st-year undergraduate course

As seminar leader:

The Philosophy and Ethics of Climate Change | 3rd-year undergraduate course (with Rich Healey)

The Philosophy of Altruism | 3rd-year undergraduate course (with Ben Sorgiovanni)

Ethics | 2nd-year undergraduate course (with Kacper Kowalczyk)

Applied Ethics | 2nd-year undergraduate course (with John Vorhaus)




PhD Philosophy, University College London

Thesis: Saving the Greater Number: Arguments from Rationality

Supervisor: Joe Horton | Examiners: Patrick Tomlin, Theron Pummer


MPhilStud Philosophical Studies, University College London

Thesis: Solving a Puzzle about the Demands of Beneficence 

Supervisor: Joe Horton | Examiners: Jeffery Howard, Brian McElwee


BA (Hons) Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, University of Warwick (1st-class)

Thesis: Moral Obligations to Alleviate Poverty: A Virtue Ethics Approach to Overcoming the Demandingness Objection

Supervisor: Felix Pinkert


Summer 2022:

Global Priorities Institute, University of Oxford (supervised by Teruji Thomas)

Awards & Fellowships

Awards & Fellowships


Postdoctoral Fellowship, Society for Applied Philosophy

Global Priorities Fellowship, Forethought Foundation


ECCP Paper Prize, Global Priorities Institute

Oxford Uehiro Essay Prize in Practical Ethics (runner up)

Jacobsen Studentship, Royal Institute of Philosophy

Global Priorities Fellowship, Forethought Foundation 


Bursary, Royal Institute of Philosophy

Doctoral Studentship, Society for Applied Philosophy


Research Studentship, London Arts and Humanities Partnership (full fees and stipend for 3 years of research)


A J Ayer Scholarship, UCL Philosophy Department

J S Mill Scholarship, UCL Philosophy Department

I am a postdoctoral researcher specialising in normative and applied ethics. I recently completed a PhD in philosophy at University College London under the supervision of Joe Horton. I am also a fellow at the Forethought Foundation for Global Priorities Research which works in close collaboration with the Global Priorities Institute (Oxford).

My research is primarily on what is known as 'the numbers problem', my doctoral dissertation providing non-aggregative arguments in favour of a pro tanto rational obligation to save the greater number. I'm also interested in moral uncertainty, moral aggregation, the demandingness of beneficence, and the philosophical foundations of effective altruism.


I am currently being supported by a fellowship from the Society for Applied Philosophy and the Forethought Foundation for Global Priorities Research.  

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